Rafting on the Mighty Omo River



The mighty Omo River is found in the Southern Ethiopia, lying within a 1,560-meter deep gorge. It actually flows through south-west, offering a unique slice of this region of the country. Like the other major Ethiopian rivers, River Omo doesn’t cross borders and its course ends into Lake Turkana. The Omo River is a vast drainage basin, acting as a funnel by collecting all the water within the area and channeling it to a single point through constantly changing marvelous scenery.

The Omo River is ranked as one of the world’s great rafting trips. It offers very high demanding challenges.

The Omo River was first descended in 1973 by a group of American river runners who named their adventure the Sobek Expedition after the Crocodile River god of the Nile region. Since the Sobek Group, the mighty Omo River has been regularly hosting several thousands of high caliber rafting trip enthusiasts. Click here to read more about the mighty Omo River.

Itineraries can be prepared for these categories:
1. Upper Omo and lower Omo with tribal route from 12 – 17 days.
2. Lower Omo with tribal route 7 days and
3. Upper and lower Omo upto lake Turkana 12 days.